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Interested in buying tickets for our stArt Campaign? You can purchase the full week pass through this link:

Scroll down for day by day descriptions or single day ticket links!

Full Week Pass Ticket

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If you are interested in only one or two of the event days, we have tickets for you too!

Monday – April 1st – Visual Arts

BUY YOUR PASS NOW – Visual Art Day Pass

Tuesday – April 2nd – Collab & Brainstorm 

BUY YOUR PASS NOW –Collab & Brainstorm Day Pass (1)

Wednesday – April 3rd – Theatre 

BUY YOUR PASS NOW – Theatre Day Pass (2)

Thursday – April 4th – Writing & Poetry

BUY YOUR PASS NOW – Writing & Poetry Day Pass (3)

Friday – April 5th – Film

BUY YOUR PASS NOW – Film Day Pass (4)

Saturday – April 6th – Music

BUY YOUR PASS NOW – Music Day Pass (5)