Latest Issue 9.2



Editor-in-chief: Kunal Chaudhary

Associate Editor: Robyn Finlay

Editorial Assistant: Athina Pantazopoulos

Director of Submissions: Tim Mayhead

Events Coordinator: Mia Morgan

Distributions Coordinator: Samantha Marie Dadenais

Productions Manager: Reine Tejares

V.P Literary: Ciara Loader

Cover Artwork by: Fabrice Poussin

Editor’s Note (excerpt)                                                                                                                             …It is not popular to make claims about the function of art, but if art serves any function it is to collapse the difference between waiting and living. To make waiting a form of experience, as valuable as any other. This is true for more than just innumerable novels that are devoured in hospital waiting rooms the world over. It is only in the midst of a good book or film, viewing a stellar painting or play, that we start to live while waiting. It is fashionable to think of art as something more than merely waiting, merely murdering the time in between more active pursuits, but of course the consumption of art is not a form of labour… 

Issue Contributors

        Elana wolff, Manahil Bandukwala, Dan Raphael, William Snyder jr, Tyler Bigney, Jan Ball, Salvatore Difalco, Adam Phillips, Milton P Ehrlich, PhD., Debbie Amirault Kamelien, Ned Baeck, Evan J. Hoskins, Sara Wilson, Bruce Sager, Hannah Sourisseau, Chloe Linke, Colin Quin, Johanna Peacock, Cosette van den Berg, Marina Ghebrial,O฿lique/◦

VOL. 2.2

         Volume 2.2 


Editor-in-chief: Kelly Clarke

Associate Editor: Lindsay Foran 

Editorial Assistants: John Kelly & Rosemary Quinsey 

Design & Layout: Jason Lajoie 

Productions Coordinator: Jason Lajoie 

Events & Distributions Coordinator: Marc Daniel Mazur

Cover design: Jason Lajoie

Cover Image: Kyle Brownrigg 


Readers: Maddy Campbell, Matthew Cook, Caroline Hardy, Annabel Lee, Aaron Kozak, Jana Pilon 

Contributors: J.J Steinfeld, Jacob McArthur Mooney, Sean Moreland, Leigh Nash, Jeff Fry, Paul Sharp, Dawn DiBartolo, Andrew Faulkner, Joe Hickey, Rob McLennan, Lara Stokes, Cameron Anstee, Catriona Wright, Micheal Vickers, Sarah Kiran, Kyle Brownrigg 

1 Down – Wintered

1Down- Wintered

winter 2007



Editor-in-Chief: Andrew Faulkner

Associate Editor: Kelly Clarke

Editorial Assistant: Janice Thurston

Distribution & Events Coordinator: Marley Davidson

Productions Manager: Lindsay Foran

Design & Layout: Andrew Faulkner

 Cover image: “sarah’s Witness” by Jessica St. Amour


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