Arts in Ottawa

“Art is the backbone of this city. Be it in a schoolyard playground, on one of our university campuses or in a parliamentary office, art reminds us of Ottawa’s diverse cultures and traditions interwoven across communities and generations.

The Ottawa Arts Review seeks to capture the words, images and ideas that bring beauty and meaning to a city so rich with life, and reminds us of why we call this place home.”

– Robyn Finlay, Associate Editor


Emerging Artists

The Ottawa Arts Review works toward offering opportunities for emerging artists to share their work through our publication. In April 2019, the Ottawa Arts Review held the stArt Campaign which was set to featured the work of several emerging artists in a variety of fields.


Watch the Q&A session with the cast and crew of Hamlet – The Female Version at this link: Hamlet Q&A

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Musicians in the Ottawa arts community agreed to sit down and answer your questions! This podcast features three incredible artists as they talk on their experience as emerging artists in the city.  Thank you to Yung Heat, Mischa, T$K, and Swoon Studios for helping the Ottawa Arts Review make this podcast happen.


You can follow these musicians

Yung Heat – @tafari251

Mischa – @mischaofficial_

T$K – @thatssokjay

Gold Tongues – @goldtongues

Photography done by Joseph Hadish (@bizarrethestrange)