RENT! this space

In October, Broadway Across Canada rented the National Arts Centre’s Southam Hall for this year’s first Broadway musical of the season: Rent (the three others include Waitress, with a score composed by Love Song’s Sara Bareilles, which begins this week, Cats in March, and Hamilton in May). The thematic relevance of Rent still rings true as we ring in 2020: LGBTQ+ issues, the plight of the starving artist, homelessness issues, addiction, and much more. Composer Jonathon Larson’s idea of writing a rock opera to “bring musical theatre to the MTV generation” still holds fast to a millennial audience raised on their smartphone social feeds.

In honour of the lore that is Rent, Ottawa Arts Review would like to make a call to artists of all scopes: whether your craft be the written word, the world of visual arts, photography, music, et cetera… All have a place here.

E-mail to set up an interview and we will help get the word about your art out there. The interview will be published here on the blog and you can share it with friends, family and foe alike.

Any publicity is good publicity!


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