OAR’s First stArt Campaign

The Ottawa Arts Review is proud to present the launch of their stArt Campaign. This fundraiser has been created as a way to get artists the attention they deserve while encouraging them to get involved and collaborate with other artists in the Ottawa community. Through a series of events over the course of a week artists of all genres will have the opportunity to participate through workshops, Q&A sessions, and performances.

Tickets for the week are available through our events page. Additionally, there is an option to opt into events day-by-day.

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 9.42.46 PM


We have a scholarship to award! A portion of the funds from ticket sales will go toward the stArt Scholarship that will be awarded to a student with a passion for the arts. We know it’s hard to balance school, work, a social life, your art, and your mental health, and we want to see you thrive. So let us help you out! Scholarship applications will open up the week after the stArt Campaign week.

** Attendance to stArt Campaign week events will be taken into consideration in making a decision on the stArt Scholarship**

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